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Fall 2013 Session

Photography is an important component of the Backyard Naturalists after school program.  You can track the progress of each child in the Fall 2013 session by viewing the galleries below, organized by week.  Each gallery contains a slideshow with each naturalist’s best photograph from that week. Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six

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Spring Session Begins March 14! Sign-Up Today!

Why should you consider enrolling your child in the Backyard Naturalists afterschool program? Studies show that spending more time outdoors is linked to fewer incidences of behavioral problems in children and leads to a healthier lifestyle. The program will include eight weeks of lessons structured to promote a better appreciation of the natural world by nurturing creativity and independent observation skills. Study topics will include learning about plants and animals, community interactions between species, nature journaling, illustration and a nature […]

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Session Two, Week Four: Highlands, NC

11/1/2012 Today we were focusing on learning about plants and forest ecology. Even though we lost most of our deciduous leaves in the heavy winds over the last week, there are still a lot of evergreen plants and other plants to learn about in the forest.       There’s even been occasional snow at this elevation, which makes for some beautiful pictures.             The landscape is beautiful at this time of year, and we […]

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A collection of some of the amazing animals photographed so far by the Meet Your Neighbours team, an international environmental photography project, developed to encourage an appreciation of the wildlife within our own communities. Featuring amazing photos by Niall Benvie, Paul Harcourt Davies, Piotr Naskrecki, Paul Marcellini, Clay Bolt, Seth Patterson, Sandesh Kadur, Mac Stone, Carsten Krieger, David Hunter, John Tiddy, Dirk Funhoff, Marko Masterl, Jerry Monkman, and Denis Palanque. The Meet Your Neighbours project is an integral part of […]

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Our Mission

The mission of Backyard Naturalists is to inspire a lifelong appreciation of the natural world in children through educational programming that integrates science, art, and technology. The program has been developed through a partnership between The Highlands Biological Foundation and Meet Your Neighbours, an international nature photography project designed to help people to learn more about the wildlife in their own community. Backyard Naturalists is made possible through the generous support of The Eckerd Family Foundation, which provides leadership and support for innovative educational, preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs for children, youth and their families.