Session Two, Week Four: Highlands, NC



Today we were focusing on learning about plants and forest ecology. Even though we lost most of our deciduous leaves in the heavy winds over the last week, there are still a lot of evergreen plants and other plants to learn about in the forest.



I like how the leaf in the background looks like it’s glowing but the other leaves don’t. –Ryan


This picture was an accident. I was moving the camera and accidentally pressed the button. –Riley


I like how the background is blue and you can really see the detail. –Maddie

There’s even been occasional snow at this elevation, which makes for some beautiful pictures.

I like how the snow is kind of a bluish color. –Julia/Winnie


I like how the picture shows the little veins on the leaf. –Jessica


When I took this picture I didn’t mean to take it but I had my camera face up and took the picture. I like how the sky is really blue and the branches are bare. –Jeslyn


I like how you can see the reflection of the sun on the camera lens. –Emily


My plant died, and this is all that is left. –Carson


I liked how there was a reflection on the lake and there was some snow left on the logs. –Camren


I liked how the leaves looked twisted and it looked deformed. –Brenna

The landscape is beautiful at this time of year, and we are lucky to have some great young photographers that are eager to capture its beauty!

We were walking pretty fast so I tried to get a good picture of the lake. It looks really pretty because all the sun was shining on the water and you could see through it. –Alley