Session Two, Week Five: Highlands, NC



Backyard Naturalists is all about learning to be a naturalist and open your eyes to the small details in the natural world. We worked on honing our naturalist skills on a hike up to Sunset Rock. Between journal entries and having the time to take really high quality photos, our naturalists are quickly becoming excellent nature photographers and observers. This week we were exploring and working on both macrophotography and landscape photography.





I like this picture because it looks like you’re walking up the tree. –Julia/Winnie




I like how the lichen looks like it has fingernails. –Ryan

Up at Sunset Rock we got to see a unique habitat and some plants, mosses and lichens that are only found on rock outcrops.

There was a big crack in the rock and the moss was growing out of it which I thought was really cool looking. –Camren


Madison had just found a lemon peel on the ground and I was trying to look as closely as possible to see other things. –Alley


The sun rays looks like a cross from this angle. –Madison D


I held the lichen up in front of the sun to get the reflection. –Emily


We went to Sunset Rock and we saw the beautiful mountains. –Brenna


I took this picture when I tripped. –Jessica

We have some great young naturalists on our hands, and we can’t wait to see what they discover every week!