Session Two, Week Two: Highlands, NC



Fall is upon us and things are changing rapidly in the forest! We spent the day looking for interesting fall changes in the botanical gardens and learning about reptiles and amphibians.

Witch Hazel is a tree where the flowers bloom in winter. –Julia

I like how the sun reflects off the leaf and makes the leaf look shiny. –Ryan

We went searching for salamanders in a stream in the botanical gardens. Chilly weather can make it more difficult to find amphibians, but we were successful finding a variety of salamanders including Black-bellied Salamanders, Ocoee Salamanders, and Two-lined Salamanders. Salamanders tend to be very photographic so we practiced taking good macro photographs with our slimy subjects.

When I was taking this picture, the salamander was trying to run away! –Tiffany


I liked getting wet looking for salamanders. –Riley


The salamander was trying to run away but then he just sat on the tips of my fingers for two minutes. –Maddie


The salamander was moving a lot so it was hard to take a good photo. –Jess

I like how the picture shows the reflection of the leaves. –Jeslyn




The salamander was trying to hide under leaves when I took this picture. –Madison D.


I luckily got to take a quick picture before the salamander climbed out! –Alley


It was easy to take this picture of a salamander because I didn’t catch it. –Carson


This was the biggest salamander that we found and he kept trying to run away when we put him on the plate. –Camren

Getting out and exploring nature in fall is always fun! We are excited to see what has changed next week!