Pilot Program: March 19th!


We’re pleased to announce that our pilot program will kick-off March 19 in Highlands, North Carolina as an eight-week after-school program for 24 local middle school children. The curriculum will introduce children to a new way of looking at the natural world in their own backyard and expand their knowledge of local biodiversity. Each lesson will have four components: a short lecture on nature, an outdoor discovery component, journaling, and an art project. Topics are wide-ranging, from bird morphology to ecological principles and tree identification. Students will also work together to develop a wiki, utilizing the images of Meet Your Neighbours in conjunction with their own work in order to inspire participants to focus attention on individual species and recognize order amongst the seeming chaos of the natural world.

Upon completion of the program, every participant will have increased powers of observation and a better understanding of the natural community in their own backyard. To learn more or to sign up, contact Michelle Ruigrok by email or by phone at 828.526.2221.